Team Coaching

Looking for your team to experience a new type of training session? Team coaching is great for teams from a young age and the way through to adults.

We can tailor make the sessions or provide suggestions on what to cover. This could include specific coaching, technical coaching, individual and team positioning, pre-season training or sessions based on your clubs philosophy such as high press, playing out from the back or possession based football.

Managers & Coaches


Tired of repeating the same sessions for your team over and over again? Running out of ideas? Want to create an exciting training session for your team.

Many managers and coaches volunteer their time for free. Thinking of new and exciting sessions is a huge time commitment in itself. We can offer sessions that will re-ignite your passion and provide you with support and ideas. The sessions will be course based and will cover all aspects of the game. We will provide session ideas and practical advice that you can take away and try with your team.


The kids absolutely LOVED it!! You delivered a great session.

Lisa Kirkbride

What a great session. Thanks so much for coming to join us today.

Natalie Jones